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Continuous quality improvement in syphilis screening rates in HIV-positive patients

J. Britanik, R. Smith

Greater Baden Medical Services Inc., Brandywine, United States

Background: Greater Baden Medical Services Inc. (GBMS) is an FQHC in Maryland providing primary care and infectious disease services to HIV positive individuals as a Ryan White funded program.

	 Table-A: Population Demographics
[ Table-A: Population Demographics]

GBMS tracks HAB measures each month as a part of its Quality Management Program. In 2011, the Performance Improvement project was Syphilis Screening, using the HAB core clinical measurement. The goal of the project was to improve this measure from baseline to 90%.
Methods: In March 2011, GBMS began by collecting baseline data using data gathered from their Electronic Health Record (EMR). Baseline data indicated that about 40% of eligible patients had received the screening in prior 12 months. GBMS planned to utilize PDSA cycles and best practices from regional collaborators to drive process improvement.

Table-B: Data
[Table-B: Data]

Results: After two process improvement interventions as well as a data collection intervention, we were able to improve the percentage of eligible patients screened from baseline to nearly 83%. While this is still short of our 90% goal, it is a significant improvement. Currently, our measure is 85.15%, our progress can be seen in Table B. Rewriting the SQL query to more accurately measure the data led to a major spike in performance, as seen in Graph 1.

Graph-1: Results
[Graph-1: Results]

Conclusions: By utilizing the PDSA process and accessing regional resources GBMS was able to reach a significant improvement from baseline (40%) to an overall (85%) performance with Syphilis Screening; which will help treat co-infected patients and decrease transmission of both syphilis and HIV/AIDS.

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