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MOPE714 - Poster Exhibition

Supporting the national HIV/AIDS strategy through Performance Improvement (PI) CME: empowering providers with limited resources

J. Cassaniti, C. Hutelmyer, B. Hujdich, J. Salazar

HealthHIV, Washington, United States

Background: The goals of the United States' National HIV/AIDS strategy are to reduce HIV incidence, increase access to care and optimizing health outcomes, and reduce HIV related health disparities. Advances in anti-retroviral therapy made it easier for primary care providers (PCPs) to deliver HIV care and treatment. HealthHIV research demonstrates that PCPs are increasingly prepared to treat HIV. By 2015 the Health Services and Resource Administration and the Association of American Medical Colleges predict a shortfall of 28,900 primary care providers (PCPs). HealthHIV's PI CME program maximizes the existing workforce by implementing performance improvement among PCPs which facilitates increased productivity.
Methods: HIV Primary Care Plus is an 8-12 month process using the American Medical Association structure. Participants identify educational activities to improve services and create and implement a change plan before reassessing performance data. After selecting from three topic areas: HIV testing, medical management and women and HIV, the participants work with assigned HIV Specialist consultants to identify gaps in knowledge and practice using the pre-intervention questionnaires. Next, chart abstractions are completed and interventions to support change are identified.
Results: Sixteen prescribing providers from nine health centers selected eight different performance measures, completed baselines and established goals based on national standards, staff commitment and time. Fifteen interventions were chosen including discussing HIV testing with patients, improving health education handouts, implementing preconception/contraception screening tool). By June 2012 the required six months since implementation will have passed, allowing participants to reevaluate their data and determine if their goals were met. Interim results include an increase in HIV testing from 40% to 95% from one health center.
Conclusions: Key interventions implemented by HIV Primary Care Plus participants show that their increased capacity have implications on task shifting and can expand access to HIV care in systems with limited health care personnel.

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