XIX International AIDS Conference

TUSA12 Addressing Mental Disorders: The Missing Link to Effective HIV Prevention, Care, Treatment and Support
  Non-Commercial Satellite
Venue: Session Room 4
Time: 24.07.2012, 18:30 - 20:30
Chair: Evan Collins, Canada
Organiser: Coordinating Organizations: US Health and Human Services Office of Global Affairs and US National Institute of Mental Health Supporting Organizations: Health Canada, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, United States Agency for International Development, the New York and New Jersey AIDS Education and Training Center, UNAIDS, and WHO
Research in recent years has identified that mental disorders are both a risk for and an effect of HIV. Mental disorders, especially depression, and substance use disorders have been associated with increased HIV-related risk behavior, failure to initiate and adhere to HIV care and treatment, and increased morbidity and mortality. UNAIDS has highlighted that mental health is one area that appears to have been completely overlooked across the different key population groups affected by the AIDS epidemic, despite the fact that many mental disorders can be detected with simple screening tools and treated effectively. In follow-up to an International Policy Dialogue held in Canada in January 2012, the satellite session will focus on the importance of integrating mental health into prevention, care, treatment and support services to reduce rates of HIV infection while also improving the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS.

Opening Remarks

J. Kolker, United States

Research Reveals Mental Health Care is the Missing Link in HIV and AIDS Care

F. Cournos, United States
M. Wainberg, United States

HIV, AIDS and Mental Health Integration: is Something not Right?

I. Lapidos-Salaiz, United States

There is No Health Without Mental Health: Promising Models of Integrated Services

M. Sharer, United States

Using Task-Shifting to Integrate Mental Health Services in HIV and AIDS Care in Zimbabwe

D. Chibanda, Zimbabwe

Five Critical "Cs" for Mental Health Services: A Focus on Aboriginal People in Canada

R. Jackson, Canada


    The organizers reserve the right to amend the programme.

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