XIX International AIDS Conference

TUSS01 China, India, South Africa, Brazil: How Will They Use Their Leadership to Advance the AIDS Response?
  Special Session
Venue: Session Room 1
Time: 24.07.2012, 13:00 - 14:00
Chair: Stephen Morrison, United States
This session uses a panel discussion format to have an interactive, roundtable exchange which will examine retrospectively these four countries' major accomplishments in HIV and AIDS over the past decade and looks prospectively at their future leadership paths in their respective regions and globally. Chaired by Stephen Morrison from the Center of Strategic and International Studies, the roundtable will begin with comments from development economist Professor Jeffery Sachs. High-level speakers from the four emerging powers will then follow with comments on their countries' accomplishments and look to their future leadership in the epidemic.
Webcast provided by The Kaiser Family Foundation

Panel Discussion

J. Sachs, United States
A. Motsoaledi, South Africa
A. Johri, India
Z. Wu, China
O. Fernandes, India
D. Greco, Brazil


    The organizers reserve the right to amend the programme.

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