XIX International AIDS Conference

MORE02 Regional Session: Sustainable Development and HIV - A Caribbean Agenda
  Regional Session
Venue: Session Room 5
Time: 23.07.2012, 14:30 - 16:00
Chair: Suzette Moses-Burton, Saint Martin
The Caribbean region is looking beyond the MDGs, to develop a new agenda for sustainable development and HIV, based on four pillars: unified gender and SHR, equity and human rights, participation of Caribbean women, girls and men, and partnerships. These pillars will look at identifying fiscal options for sustaining social and economic development, protecting Caribbean minorities and developing civil society capacity to secure social justice, facilitating participation of Caribbean women, girls and men with a focus on how to address domestic violence, reach poor women, and change men's perceptions. The last pillar proposes a new approach, by encouraging partnerships with bilateral, foundation, social media and cultural leaders. This approach will apply to partnerships within and outside of the region.
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Why GIPA is critical to sustainability of the AIDS response

R. Charles, Grenada

Youth as a force of sustainability

J. Nelson, Jamaica

A new sustainable development agenda for the Caribbean

J. Bynoe-Sutherland, Guyana

Rethinking partnerships

E. Greene, Guyana

The challenge of maintaining programmatic consistency in a parliamentary democracy

S. Wescot-Williams, Saint Martin

Jamaica's response to HIV

F. Ferguson, Jamaica

Overcoming social and cultural norms to address the HIV infection in Guyana

L. Ramsammy, Guyana

Questions and answers


Closing remarks

S. Martelly, Haiti

Powerpoints presentations
Why GIPA is critical to sustainability of the AIDS response - Rachel Charles

A new sustainable development agenda for the Caribbean - Juliette Bynoe-Sutherland

Rethinking partnerships - Edward Greene

Overcoming social and cultural norms to address the HIV infection in Guyana - Leslie Ramsammy

Closing remarks - Sophia Martelly

Rapporteur report

LAPC report by Ms. Volderine Hackett

Quotes from  Jaevion Nelson – Executive Director, Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network


Young people are appreciated as articulate testifiers. This is not enough, our energies must be mobilized to hold our leaders accountable.

Regional partners must do much more than use young people as an AIDS funding bingo.




The Caribbean region  is developing its agenda beyond the 2015 MDGs. Key to this agenda is integrating the HIV and AIDS response into the  broader health and development agendas for sustainability. For the Caribbean, this mainly rests on four pillars: equity and human rights; participatory decision making at all levels, efficiencies and greater impact  through integration of HIV prevention services into existing sexual and reproductive health services and partnerships, both internal and external. The session which took the form of a panel discussion with a question and answer segment  underscored -

  • reinforcing the GIPA principle to sustain the gains made in HIV
  • reducing young people’s vulnerability  to HIV and AIDS through providing meaningful  spaces to be key stakeholders and partners and not mere beneficiaries.
  • bringing HIV out of isolation through partnerships. Partnerships promoting priorities  characterize  cooperation, coordination and consolidation  as illustrated by  the Pan Caribbean Partnership against HIV and AIDS  (PANCAP).
  • ensuring that  there is consistency in the parliamentary approaches to the HIV and AIDS response across the Caribbean
  • continuing the bold political leadership that  is critical to the process and has generated results as demonstrated by some countries of the Caribbean for example Jamaica, Guyana, Haiti and St. Maarten


Volderine Hackett


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