XIX International AIDS Conference

WESS04 The U.S. Congress and the Global AIDS Epidemic
  Special Session
Venue: Session Room 4
Time: 25.07.2012, 13:00 - 14:00
Chair: Bill Frist, United States
Engaging the U.S. Congress is a critical part of both demonstrating and encouraging continued U.S. leadership to combat HIV/AIDS around the world. Historically, there has been strong bipartisan support in this area, but we are at a new juncture, facing significant transitions in the U.S. political and fiscal environment. This panel will focus on both the historical legacy and future trajectory of U.S. Congressional involvement in addressing the global AIDS epidemic. It will be moderated by Senator Bill Frist, Former Senate Majority Leader (R-TN), a practicing physician, and widely considered a Congressional architect of PEPFAR and leader in the global fight against HIV. The panel will include current members of Congress from both parties, who will discuss the future of the bipartisan partnership on U.S. global HIV efforts.
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Panel Discussion

M. Enzi, United States
C. Coons, United States
M. Rubio, United States
B. Lee, United States

Rapporteur report

LAPC report by Esuyemi Ogunbanke

WESS 04 – US Congress and the Global AIDS Epidemic

Major Themes

Members of Congress are committed to continuing the bipartisan partnership in the US Global HIV effort.

To achieve the end of AIDS government must accelerate and sustain its efforts.

Sex Workers call for a repeal of the plan for PEPFAR and the anti-prostitution pledge.


B. Lee noted, in order to get to an AIDS free generation, we need to meaningfully include the persons most affected, sex workers, drug users and LGBTI.

M. Rubio

Rubio is excited that in his lifetime it is possible to talk about an end to AIDS.  To achieve it requires continued investment for better treatment and care delivery.  We have to be wary as success can lead to complacency but he believes in the compassion of the American people and that it is in the country’s best interest to continue to support Global efforts.

C. Coons

Coons commended Bush for inspiring great leadership with the bipartisan approach and believes the response reflects American values.  He sees further investment in science, partnerships and long term commitment as the way forward.

M. Enzi

Enzi’s visits to Africa have taught him that a lack of being unaware of the realities facing Africans led to impractical solutions on the part of some funders.  He is happy to have AIDS2012 in the United States so people can receive the appreciation of fund recipients first hand.


Sex workers brought signs and chanted for their voice to be heard by policy makers.  An African youth told the group Africans can speak for themselves and are fed up of being dictated to.



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