XIX International AIDS Conference

SUSA44 Eliminating Pediatric AIDS and Keeping Mothers Alive from an Implementation Perspective - Best Practices, Programmatic Barriers, and Bottlenecks in the Field
  Non-Commercial Satellite
Venue: Mini Room 1
Time: 22.07.2012, 13:30 - 15:30
Chair: John Donnelly, United States
Organiser: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, mothers2mothers, and Johnson & Johnson
The "Global Plan Towards the Elimination of New HIV Infections Among Children by 2015 and Keeping Their Mothers Alive" was launched in 2011. Join us to learn how implementers are addressing a range of programmatic challenges to implementing this Plan in the areas of: capacity building for country ownership, continuity of care, demand creation and increasing uptake of services, and using data for program improvement. Through a fast-paced series of 12-16 issue-oriented 4-minute presentations moderated by John Donnelly (GlobalPost), this session will feature people working on the front lines of program implementation from 10 high-burden countries, representing 5 implementing organizations. Each presenter will raise a specific challenge, explain how it was addressed, describe the result, and share what is being done next. The audience will have the opportunity to interact with presenters for further discussion of implementation barriers and solutions.

Transitioning implementation support to build a national model of care

J. Maye, Kenya

Reducing training costs of rolling out WHO guidelines

A. Makotore, Zimbabwe

Building PMTCT management capacity

M. Mahdi, Swaziland

Engaging the private sector for local capacity building

S. Raghavan (SAATHI), India

Fighting stigma one mother at a time

A. Mkweu (mothers2mothers), Malawi

m2m's Active Client Follow Up (ACFU) initiative

S. Gwarinda (mothers2mothers), South Africa

Task shifting to women to create demand for services

J. Odongo (mothers2mothers), Kenya

Integrating PMTCT and syphilis prevention

S. Strasser (EGPAF), Zambia

Increasing uptake of services for pregnant women

A. Tiam, Lesotho

m2m's Let's SOAR initiative

A. Chirowodza (mothers2mothers), South Africa

Using data to improve health care worker mentoring

C. Chouraya (EGPAF), Swaziland

Using data dashboard for management

J. Peterson (EGPAF), Rwanda

Improving quality of care using QI

J. Kalimunda, United Republic of Tanzania


    The organizers reserve the right to amend the programme.

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