XIX International AIDS Conference

TUSA22 Women in HIV Research: Effecting Change
  Non-Commercial Satellite
Venue: Mini Room 5
Time: 24.07.2012, 18:30 - 20:30
Co-Chairs: Dawn Averitt Bridge, United States
Judith Auerbach, United States
Organiser: The Women's Research Initiative on HIV/AIDS (WRI), Dawn Averitt Bridge (Organizer and Chair)
Research focused on women at risk for and living with HIV has lagged behind male-centered research since the beginning of the epidemic. The Women's Research Initiative on HIV/AIDS (WRI) was established in 2003 to elevate, enhance and expedite research on women living with and vulnerable to HIV, particularly in the U.S. Employing a unique trans-disciplinary model, the WRI annually brings together an extraordinary and diverse group of leaders to identify key opportunities to accelerate understanding of the biological, behavioral and social factors that influence HIV infection among women and girls. This panel will address challenges and opportunities affecting U.S. women's participation in HIV research, both in clinical trials and cohorts settings, and will delve into strategies for optimizing their inclusion, retention, and optimal health outcomes.

Panel Discussion

M. Gandhi, United States
S. Dworkin, United States
K. Struble, United States
L. Scruggs, United States
K. Squires, United States


    The organizers reserve the right to amend the programme.

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